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Beef is under attack.

Eat well today.

Eat well tomorrow.

We are a veteran-owned company.

When we decided to start selling frozen and freeze-dried beef, we knew two things for certain. The beef industry in America is under attack and far too few are doing anything about it. We knew the best way to fight back was to partner with a patriotic rancher who could help us supply cooked, freeze-dried beef cubes for long term storage as well as for quick and healthy meal preparation today.

We launched by selling both freeze-dried beef cubes as well as freezer boxes with steaks and roasts. What we quickly learned is that the market for premium freeze-dried beef was far bigger that the market for frozen beef. We reimagined what it meant to sell the whole cow, which brought us to where we are today.

Rather than staying within the common paradigm of keeping steaks as steaks, we realized some people want to be able to store cooked and freeze-dried chunks of ribeye, tenderloin, and NY strip for the long-term. Freeze-dried beef properly contained in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers have exceptional shelf-life.

At a bare minimum, they should retain quality and freshness for a decade. Some claim they are still as good 25-years-later as they were on day one. Knowing this, we began working with Texas cattle ranchers to figure out how to turn high-quality, all-American cattle into a business that allowed us to ship high-quality freeze-dried beef to the masses. Today, we are proud to be able to offer what we believe to be one of the most important products on the market today. “Eat well today. Eat well tomorrow.” It’s more than just a motto. It’s a mission.

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Barnard Ranch

Our Promises:

  • We will never sell lab-grown or otherwise artificial beef.
  • We will never allow our cattle to be injected with mRNA “vaccines.”
  • We will never sell cows that weren’t born and raised in America.
  • We will never bow to woke mobs, authoritarian governments, or Big Ag.

If you visit one day and we’ve been shut down, know that it’s only because we wouldn’t comply. Beef is relatively safe to sell today but they’re coming for us. They coming for all of us.